Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


Amplify. Accelerate. Action.

Technology enabling conscious consumption

Bring in stakeholders in government and senior corporates in India who work with crafts and villages to stimulate economic growth. Dialogue could involve participation of Reliance Retail, Fabindia, government advisors, master craftsmen from India, Indonesia, Italy and...

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Artisan Digi-preneurship – The New Formal?

The event will propose an emerging model that Creative Dignity ( CD ) is developing with Digital Empowerment Foundation ( DEF ) to nurture artisan youth at the cluster level in building digital services that link self-organised artisan units to a digital community of...

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Gastronomia social em prática

A gastronomia social utiliza o poder dos alimentos como ferramenta de mudança social, abrangendo todos os níveis do ciclo alimentar, desde o plantio e colheita até a redução do desperdício de alimentos. Por meio da gastronomia social, os alimentos são usados ??para...

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Empathy Project

Responsible Ecosystem" is a term used by SociopreneurID to describe a future society where everyone will take a role to improve their surroundings. People in this society will be responsible not only to themselves but also to other people and, the Planet. However, the...

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Small businesses designing their own sustainable future

Join this 60-min session to learn about the 4D Sustainability Canvas and how the visual framework set small and growing businesses on a clear sustainable path, fostered engagement and ownership among the co-workers. We will demonstrate the main steps of the framework...

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Energy Sovereignty

An example of a collaborative ecosystem with different organisations coming together representing Government (+200 municipalities Spain & Portugal), Social entrepreneurs, Consulting and Innovators co-creating a shared circular self managed energy-based economy. A...

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Shoe Waste & The Future Of Footwear

Roundtable discussion with industry experts about the future of footwear and fashion waste management. Starting with a virtual presentation including slides of current fashion footwear trends, discovering sustainable efforts, recognising problems in the manufacture of...

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Shifting Power to Sustainable Fashion Social Innovators

Learn from a series of panel and interactive discussions exploring key challenges and critical resources for Micro/SMEs in the Sustainable, Ethical Fashion Value Chain. Discuss how we can collaborate and implement impactful solutions that create a power shift enabling...

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