Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


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Social media

Social networking sites can reach a wide audience at little or no cost – use existing accounts, or ask colleagues, partners, volunteers and friends to promote your CCW activities through their personal profiles.

Social media is a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to share your news with others!

Check out the CCW website for additional information on sessions, FAQs, resources, Catalyst 2030, and more. |

Social Media Toolkit (external)

The Social Media Toolkit is for everyone participating in CCW2022 and includes tips for raising awareness about the week and particular events/sessions. It includes sample posts and templates to create CCW branded social media graphics.

Social Media Toolkit for CCW2022

Featured Social Media Posts

Sessions hosts and speakers can use these social media graphics and templates to promote their featured sessions and to share 'countdown to CCW2022' graphics

Social Media Toolkit for CCW2022

Promotional video for CCW2022

Share the official promotional video for CCW2022, inviting everyone who may be interested to our world changing event.

CCW2022 promo video feature image

Suggestions for social media channels

  • Follow and tag us on social media @Catalyst2030 on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube as well as @Catalyst_2030 on Twitter and Instagram to link your activity to CCW2022, to engage through posts, likes, retweets and shares. Tag us to be featured on our page.
  • Use the official CCW2022 hashtags #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 #CCW2022 with additional hashtag #SDGs. Where possible, please include #Catalyst2030 #CatalysingChange #AcceleratingAction
  • To highlight CCW2022 theme on social media, please use #LetsReenergisetheSDGs
  • Remember to update your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn statuses regularly, and cross-promote all of your social media content!
  • When posting on social platforms, be sure that each post includes a visual element of some kind (video, infographic, photo, or other image).
  • Feel welcome to share your GMW posts on other social media platforms such as, Snapchat, TikTok, and other, too.


  • Share your posts, news and updates with others. Tag @Catalyst2030 on Facebook, in all your posts, photos and videos with the official CCW2022 hashtags #CCW2022 #CatalysingChangeWeek2022
  • Create a CCW event and send invitations to your network and share status updates.
  • Connect with other CCW events/activities and Facebook users with shared interests.
  • Use Facebook Live to share live videos from your CCW sessions, events and activities.
  • Upload content to Facebook Stories to inform others about your CCW news.


  • Use tweets for positive messages, calls for action, or to highlight key information about your event. Using hashtags, #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 #CCW2022, makes it easy for Twitter users to search for information about events locally and to connect with the global activities. Tag @Catalyst_2030 on Twitter.
  • Include photos and videos in your posts, and feel welcome to retweet posts created by others.


  • Take photos and videos during preparations, the week and post-CCW2022. Tag @Catalyst_2030 on Instagram with #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 #CCW2022 and share these with others. Also, you can choose to cross-post them to Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr before publishing the content on Instagram.
    Note! Instagram does not support hyperlinks in captions. You must add the link into your Bio (Click ‘Edit Profile’ to add a URL). Then, direct your followers to the link by adding ‘Click the link in my bio to read all about it!’ to your caption.
  • Use Instagram Stories to share news and updates from your CCW sessions and events.
  • Use popular hashtags that are trending on Instagram to link them to your posts. This way more people can hear about your CCW sessions, events and activities. Some of the hashtags that you might want to use are:
    #SDGs #GlobalGoals #2030Agenda #global #sustainabledevelopmentgoals
    #sustainabledevelopment #sustainable #sustainability #international #campaign
    #advocacy #impact #socialimpact #socialgood #makeadifference #environment
    #nonprofit #ngo #philanthropy #eco #climatechange #photooftheday #picoftheday
    Also, include your country and city as hashtags.


  • Create posts about your CCW sessions, plans, preparations, live events, and Campaign highlights and share these with your network on LinkedIn. Tag us @Catalyst2030 on LinkedIn with #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 #CCW2022 and help us raise awareness about Catalysing Change Week!
  • You can also write an article on LinkedIn, upload YouTube videos, post your CCW photos or SlideShare presentations to your updates.
  • Include the official CCW2022 hashtags #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 #CCW2022.


  • Subscribe to our Catalyst 2030 channel on YouTube here.
  • Upload videos to YouTube to promote, inform, and educate others about your CCW sessions, events and activities. You can include the link to your YouTube video or channel in posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. You can embed videos from YouTube to your website.
  • Don’t forget to tag @Catalyst2030 on YouTube with #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 #CCW2022  #Catalyst2030 #CatalysingChange where possible.

5 steps to promote your session on social networks

Please note: Prior to the week, the Catalyst 2030 Secretariat will prepare a promotional session tile in CCW branding with details about your session and share it with session hosts. Session hosts are responsible for using the tile in promotional materials such as social media posts. View the social media toolkit here to access the social media templates.

Step 1

Download the image templates (tiles) that we have prepared for you, including your session data, and share them.

Step 2

In all your posts and publications, tag @Catalyst2030 on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube as well as @Catalyst_2030 on Twitter and Instagram. Use the official hashtag of CCW2022 #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 #CCW2022 with additional hashtag #Catalyst2030 #SDGs and where possible, please add #CatalysingChange #AcceleratingAction #LetsReenergisetheSDGs and other hashtags that help to promote your session topic: #sustainability #climatechange #water #cities #education and many more.

Step 3

For sessions, please tag your panellists, partner organisations, and other stakeholders. It is the best way to invite them to participate and to start a conversation.

Step 4

Share and comment on the posts of other moderators, panellists, and organisations that are taking part in CCW2022.

Step 5

Record a video of 30 seconds or less explaining what your event and/or session will be about. Share it by using: the official hashtag #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 #CCW2022 tag @Catalyst2030 on Facebook and LinkedIn, @Catalyst_2030 on Twitter and Instagram.

We will reshare your posts.

Use sample social media posts and visuals

Chapters are encouraged to share Catalyst 2030 CCW official social media posts, and our template can be use on your own social media platforms and website. We will also be posting about the sessions and events each day during #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 #CCW2022 and encourage you to share, repost and like our posts, and we will do the same for you when you use the suggested hashtags.

Sample visuals for CCW2022:

You can access all the social media graphics, sized for the relevant platforms, in the CCW Resources Folder.

Sample posts for Pre-CCW2022:

Save the dates: 9-13 May 2022 for #CCW2022 bringing together the world’s most #innovative #inspiring #changemakers to co-create solutions for the most pressing issues. Join: #CatalysingChange #AcceleratingAction #Catalyst2030

Join #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 during 9-13 May 2022 where #experts #socialentrepreneurs and representatives from the #privatesector #governments #connect on #SDGs #CatalysingChange #AcceleratingAction Learn more and register: #Catalyst2030 #CCW2022

Join #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 organised by @Catalyst2030 during 9-13 May 2022 bringing together the world’s most innovative and inspiring #changemakers on #SDGs. Explore over 250 sessions. Register at
#CatalysingChange #AcceleratingAction

5 days. 250+ sessions & events. Join @Catalyst2030 #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 from 9-13 May 2022. Attend sessions by inspirational #changemakers who share best practices, develop solutions, collaborate and co-create in order to meet the challenges we face as we pursue the #SDGs.

Sample posts for during CCW2022:

NOW HAPPENING! It’s #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 with over 250 sessions and events by inspirational #changemakers #experts #socialentrepreneurs #governments worldwide. Register! Attend sessions:
#SDGs #CatalysingChange #AcceleratingAction @Catalyst2030 #Catalyst2030

It’s #CatalysingChangeWeek2022! Join discussions on #SDGs #AcceleratingAction & more! Register to attend Get inspired, connect and learn from #experts #changemakers #socialentrepreneurs and others about solutions for the most pressing issues. @Catalyst2030

Join #CatalysingChangeWeek2022! Register for sessions: where #experts #socialentrepreneurs #changemakers and others share best practices, develop solutions, collaborate & co-create in order to meet the challenges we face as we pursue the #SDGs. @Catalyst2030

To achieve #SDGs we need to work together. That’s why #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 is connecting #changemakers #experts #socialentrepreneurs #governments worldwide in over 250 sessions and events this week! Register: #Catalyst2030 #CatalysingChange #AcceleratingAction

Sample posts for Post-CCW2022:

What an action-packed #CatalysingChangeWeek2022! Last week brought together innovative #changemakers #experts #socialentrepreneurs on #SDGs in over 250 sessions and events. See more: #CatalysingChange #AcceleratingAction @Catalyst2030

CCW brand identity guidelines

It is important to have consistent branding of CCW sessions and country events to promote greater awareness of Catalyst 2030 and Catalysing Change Week. To make this happen, we need your help.

Please note: Prior to the week, the Catalyst 2030 Secretariat will prepare and share with you CCW branded:

  • Digital banners to use as backgrounds for your online sessions;
  • Promotional session tiles with details about your session. Session host/s are responsible for using the tile in promotional materials such as social media posts.

Helpful branding guidelines are available in the CCW2022 Resources branding folder.

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