Catalysing Change Week | 1–5 May 2023
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Catalysing Change Week 2022

The theme of CCW2022 (9-13 May 2022) was “Let’s Re-Energise the SDGs” and was built around three catalysing themes:

Amplify. We wanted to showcase Systems Catalysts’ work and amplify their voices and frontline experiences.
Accelerate. We wanted to create a space to connect Systems Catalysts across sectors – from innovators to policy makers – to bring about catalytic change.
Action. We wanted to advance progress through committed global action to make the world a fairer and better place for all people.

Catalysing Change Week 2021

Catalysing Change Week 2021

Sessions for CCW2021 revolved around the three themes:

Connect. We wanted to create an environment that enabled collaboration and co-creation.
Celebrate. We wanted to encourage, inspire and re-energise each other as we go about our work.
Accelerate. We brought key stakeholders together to create tangible outcomes for policy making.

Catalysing Change Week 2021

Catalysing Change Week 2020

The theme for CCW2020 was: Addressing the COVID-19 Crisis

Catalysing Change Week 2020 included 85 sessions that drew over 4,000 individuals. Together, participants represented more than 1,600 organisations across 131 countries.

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