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CCW2023 – It’s a wrap

15 May 2023 | Recaps

Thank you to hosts, moderators, panellists, speakers and participants – who joined CCW2023 and made the event such an inspiring one.

Catalysing Change Week 2023: Solutions from the Frontlines reinforced our belief in strengthening community-led solutions and the importance of community-centred collaborations. Many sessions demonstrated this focus – from sessions on systems and social economies to those pressing for a shift in funding to prioritise local organisations. Other themes included education, climate, gender, youth and technology and there were strong regional collaborations, especially from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The high spirits and fierce commitment of this social innovation community were inspiring. We look forward to hearing about the impacts of the collaborations sparked at CCW2023.

To extend the experience of CCW2023 we are sharing video recordings of the sessions.

Please complete the post CCW2023 survey

We want to make sure that CCW2023 is even better and to understand what worked for you, what could be improved, or what you’d like to see in the future. So whether you were a session host, moderator, panellist, speaker or attendee please complete the CCW2023 Feedback Form. This survey will take about three minutes. The deadline for submission 5:00 pm CEST on 22 May 2023. You can access the Form here:

CCW2023 in numbers

Reviews of Catalysing Change Week

Members rave about CCW2023

Willeke Van Rijn, Resource Alliance
“Bringing together different stakeholders and voices is crucial. Something we would love to build upon.”

Mohammed Boulahya, ClimDev
“At CCW2023 I had the great honour of experiencing the spirit of human collaboration. Congratulations to this incredible network of social innovators and entrepreneurs.”

Lennox Omondi, How young SE thrive in the Global South
“A social entrepreneur needs to have the humility to understand their own limitations and have a team that complements the gaps that they might have.”

Khanjan Metha, University Presidents panel
“We as faculty need to ask ourselves, how do we want to change the world? Not just focus on the research agenda but also the impact agenda to make a real change in society.”

Patricia Márquez, University Presidents panel
“I attended CCW 2023 and it was a great pleasure to connect with all the collaborators and social entrepreneurs across the globe, working in the movement to solve the world’s most serious problems. I thank Catalyst 2030 for what it is doing tirelessly to bring collaborators together. There is still a strong need to localise, between government institutions, international organisation, local organisation, funders, and philanthropists and I believe this event will create deeper networking and connections to solve the great problems of the world.”

Nsimire Aston, IHVA and Uganda Chapter Coordinator
“We need institutions to determine that they want to create leaders and changemakers and to have an aligned strategy on how to deliver programmes to create such leaders. We need to change the gap between what we expect and what we reward faculty for doing.”

Mohammed Boulahya, ClimDevl
“Today, 8 May 2023, marks the start of my second year of collaboration with this amazing movement for innovative change. While preparing for a Session on Community-led Climate Solutions Market for Catalysing Change Week 2023, I had the opportunity to meet many social entrepreneurs and challenge global leaders on community-centered sustainable development in a changing climate and environment. Being able to draw on the best global reports available in many development fields at Catalyst 2030, has been invaluable too. At CCW2023 I had the great honour of experiencing the spirit of human collaboration and look forward to working with BunkoJunko (India) and Nutravest (Uganda) in the near future.


 I attended more than 50 interesting sessions over the five days. My main recommendation is to select projects and activities to implement before the next CCW and then to report on their achievements in concrete figures and testimonials. These presentations should also be made to the most important target audience: the communities at stake.


I have always believed in thinking globally and acting locally. This has followed me through my residencies in many regions, from my home in Algéria, through Africa, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and to the Pacific and Caribbean. I am determined to continue to concentrate on community-led local actions.


Congratulations to this incredible network of social innovators and entrepreneurs.”

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