Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


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Guidelines for CCW2022 Sessions/Events

Who can propose and host sessions/events?

Catalyst 2030 members, Catalyst 2030 Awards winners and finalists may propose and host sessions and events during CCW2022. Engage with other Catalyst 2030 members to co-create sessions and submit the proposed sessions on behalf of the collaboration. Members may plan in person activities at a local level as well as hybrid events in their country and region in collaboration with other Catalyst 2030 members.

It’s important to note that sessions co-created by multiple Catalyst 2030 members tend to be accepted rather than individual proposals.

When will sessions/events for CCW2022 take place?

Online, offline and hybrid sessions and events will take place throughout CCW2022 during 9-13 May 2022.

When organising CCW2022 events and activities it is important to always:

  • Respect national and local safety guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Prioritise online interaction if local health authorities have discouraged in person activities.

What types of sessions/events can you host during CCW2022?

See the following inspiring ideas of possible formats for CCW2022 sessions and events:

Storytelling Sessions

Social innovators share their stories and initiate partnerships.

Policy Roundtable Discussions

Social innovators and funders co-create recommendations for systems change that can help scale issue-based solutions.

Fireside Chats / Celebration Sessions

Challenges and solutions proposed will be highlighted and raised with the relevant policymakers and leaders, focusing on how solutions can be jointly co-created.


Using a film screening to start dialogue and debate that leads to action.

Closed Door Salons

Closed, unlisted conversations with a small, selected audience, tentatively including dialogue with donors.

Problem-Solving Sessions / Thematic Workshops

Hosting workshops to ideate big thinking and collaborative problem-solving with our global community of innovators.


Designed as a sprint-like event, a good idea for problem-solving sessions.

Mindfulness and Active Breaks

Host 15-minute mindfulness and wellbeing sessions throughout each day, to serve as a break from the programme.

In person regional and country events

You can plan in person activities at the local level, hybrid events and sessions in your country and region with other Catalyst 2030 members. CCW2022 events and activities that can be organised at a local level include:

  • A CCW launch and/or closing event that your community attends
  • An official launch of a chapter
  • Social innovator and entrepreneur visits to universities to give guest lectures
  • Social entrepreneur visits to schools to talk about challenges and solutions
  • Government visits to projects/enterprises
  • Panel discussions with government officials, corporates, business leaders or UN representatives
  • Social entrepreneur meet and greet networking events
  • High-level whole of society roundtable discussions
  • A programme and/or project launch with the community or the government
  • A Tendrel forum launch together with other social impact leaders
  • Workshops, seminars and lessons
  • Visits to schools, universities and museums
  • Drawing, photo, video and essay competitions on the CCW2022 Theme “Let’s Re-Energise the SDGs” and other topics
  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • TV or talk show appearances

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