Catalyst 2030's
Catalysing Change Week 2024
Building the Social Innovation Sector
6 - 10 May 2024

CCW Resources

Everything for planning, sharing and running Catalysing Change Week activities.

Note: Catalyst 2030’s Catalysing Change Week designs and templates are only to be used for CCW graphics and presentations, and not for any other Catalyst 2030 activities.

4 Main Guidebooks

These are examples of the type of guidebooks that are available for CCW2024.

CCW Handbook for 2023
CCW brand guidelines
CCW Handbook for 2023
CCW Handbook for 2023

Additional Resources

These are examples of additional resources that are available for CCW2024.

speaker invitation letter cover image
press release template
power point template cover image
graphics tiles for social media

Catalyst 2030 CCW Branded Virtual Background Images for Zoom

We suggest that session/event hosts make sure their digital sessions are branded as Catalyst 2030 CCW. Therefore, we provide branded virtual background images for Zoom. You are welcome to use them!

These are examples of Zoom backgrounds that are available for your use.

CCW Zoom background1
CCW Zoom background2
CCW Zoom background3
CCW Zoom background4

Catalyst 2030 CCW Branded Social Media Tiles

You can download editable social media tiles to promote your session(s) and the CCW Campaign on LinkedIn, Facebook, X (previously known as Twitter), Instagram and elsewhere. You can also see some recommended examples of accompanying post text and hashtags on the social media resource page.

These are examples of social media tiles that are available for your use.


Save the date
CCW theme - solutions from the frontlines
CCW2024 change week
catalyst change week register image

Catalyst 2030 Logo

You can download Catalyst 2030 logos here. Also, please read the Catalyst 2030 CCW Branding Guidelines 2024 for more details on how to use the Catalyst 2030 CCW brand.

CCW Resources Folder

We have set up a CCW Google Drive folder where everyone can access visuals, templates, guidebooks and more. Please explore it for more support resources.

CCW Promotional Video

If you would like to see the promotional video for #CCW2024, it can access below or through YouTube.

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