Catalyst 2030's
Catalysing Change Week 2024
Building the Social Innovation Sector
6 - 10 May 2024

About Catalysing Change Week

Catalysing Change Week (CCW) is the world’s largest event led by social innovators and entrepreneurs to share knowledge, exchange ideas and accelerate collaborative systems change during more than 200 sessions and activities in a dedicated annual week.

Organised by Catalyst 2030, Catalysing Change Week 2023 built on the success of CCW2022, bringing together social entrepreneurs, representatives from the private sector, governments, funders and others involved in systems change, to inspire change in support of achieving the SDGs.

The models of best practice shared during the week exemplified the ethos of community-led systems change, underpinning the proposal to Promote a Social and Solidarity Economy for Sustainable Development recently adopted by the UN General Assembly. The week served as an opportunity to engage, advocate and activate collaborations across the entire social innovation ecosystem.
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Goal of CCW

CCW enables participants to tap into collective systems change wisdom, while forging partnerships across countries, regions and sectors to advance the SDGs. Our goal is to inspire change in the mindsets, culture and behaviours of current policymakers, funders and leaders and to empower social innovators and communities to effect change.

Our five key objectives

By participating in CCW members:

Intensify a collective effort to engage, advocate and raise awareness of the outstanding practises in the field and their potential to bring about change. More than this, we aim to change the mindsets of current policymakers, funders and leaders and to urge them to give social innovators a seat at decision-making tables.

Learn about positive systems-change models, build capacity and engage the Catalyst network. We will build skills and capacity, share and co-create knowledge, nurture connections and advance advocacy efforts. We believe in celebrating positive systems change models, in keeping with the findings of the Embracing Complexity and New Allies reports.
Discover practical problem-solving approaches and opportunities within the network and beyond. We will showcase ongoing initiatives of the Catalyst 2030 network and other stakeholders. Catalyst 2030 aims to demonstrate the abundance of practical problem-solving skills within our network and to create opportunities for collaboration.
Empower unheard voices to enter the conversation. Our Theory of Change pointed to the urgent need to change dominant cultures where top-down approaches are the norm. In response, the voices of people often excluded from important conversations will be brought to the forefront. Early indicators from the SDGs People’s Report, which explores how to meet the SDGs targets from the perspective of communities served by our members will be shared.
Build systems change approaches to strengthen political and community engagement. During CCW, we will create forums for participants to commit to taking specific collaborative action towards systems change that facilitates accountability and the tracking of progress.

Stakeholders will be encouraged to commit to taking action that advances practical policymaking. The “Getting from Crisis to Systems Change” report highlighted the need for world leaders to commit to systems change work and to give social entrepreneurs a seat at global decision-making tables. These findings will be streamlined into practical policy recommendations validated by in-field demonstrations of impact. We plan to share these findings at the G7 and G20 meetings.

In response to early indicators from the People’s Report, we will accelerate our efforts to advance the SDGs. This will be achieved by securing commitments to drafting policy recommendations that can be adopted globally.

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