Catalyst 2030's
Catalysing Change Week 2024
Building the Social Innovation Sector
6 - 10 May 2024

Catalyst 2030 Catalysing Change Week

Catalysing Change Week (CCW) is the world’s largest event led by social innovators and entrepreneurs to share knowledge, exchange ideas and accelerate collaborative systems change. 

Catalysing Change Week (CCW) 2024 is dedicated to Building the Social Innovation Sector and will be held from 6 – 10 MayOur goal is to tackle system change solutions with action-oriented sessions that focus on (1) policy (2) thought leadership and (3) innovative solutions that will build our sector. 

CCW brings together thousands of systems catalysts, including social entrepreneurs, representatives from the private sector, governments, funders and others who are working to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

The annual event comprises of interactive sessions and activities designed to stimulate systems change and to create opportunities for participants to engage and collaborate with one another.

CCW is coordinated by Catalyst 2030, to leverage the power of the collective to accelerate transformative change in the lives of billions of people around the globe.

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CCW2023 recordings

CCW2023 Session Recordings

The theme of CCW2023 was Solutions from the Frontlines, which put into the spotlight a grassroots-up approach to innovation and development as the root of all meaningful transformation. Over 200+ hybrid, offline and online sessions and events took place globally.

Many of these dynamic events were captured on video and shared on YouTube.

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