Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


Amplify. Accelerate. Action.

Innovative Model for System Change Philanthropy

Systems change to achieve the SDGs requires a change in funding models. We showcase an innovative model of systems change strategy for funding as a collaboration between funders, UN agencies and local social entrepreneurs.

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Social Justice Index

A panel discussion with stakeholders on the creation of a social justice index to support and advocate social justice within regions where populations are under a form of colonization and apartheid and injustice. Speakers' Bios: 1. Rana Dajani: Professor of molecular...

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Vključevanje v cilje trajnostnega razvoja 2030

Lanska rast BDP v evrskem obmocju in EU je po tretji oceni 5,3-odstotna, je objavil Eurostat. Lanska 5,3-odstotna gospodarska rast v evrskem obmocju in celotni uniji sledi 6,4-odstotnemu koronskemu padcu v 2020 v obmocju skupne valute in 5,9-odstotnemu zmanjsanju v...

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Who is responsible for quality education in India?

Civil society and governments can do so much. When talking about change in a country as large as India in terms of population, need and diversity, we need all hands on deck. This session focuses on identifying stakeholders that are beyond governments, schools,...

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The Complex as a Developmental Unit

A complex is a unit that is a self-thriving ecosystem led by the community. As seen with the school complexes with Adhyayan's work with the Systemic School Improvement Programme in Goa, this unit can be transformational. This session is aimed at bringing to light the...

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What does Systemic Change look like in a remote region?

Systemic change is multidimensional in itself but with an addition of an aspect of access and remoteness, the lens completely shifts. This session will share with you stories from Adhyayan's work towards systemic school improvement in the two northeastern states of...

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Roadmap to Fighting Hunger

The aim of the session is to recognize the serious and often unknown consequences of hunger, and to develop concrete actionable plans to formalize a roadmap to fighting hunger. Hunger is not just about ‘feeling hungry’. It is also about lowered immunity and recurrent...

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