Catalysing Change Week | 1–5 May 2023

Solutions from the Frontlines

Who is responsible for quality education in India?

11 May 2022 | 10:30 - 11:30 CEST
Fireside Chat

Civil society and governments can do so much. When talking about change in a country as large as India in terms of population, need and diversity, we need all hands on deck. This session focuses on identifying stakeholders that are beyond governments, schools, educators and students when it comes to systemic education change. The session will entail a discussion about learnings and experiences from Adhyayan’s various projects and experiments such as the Peer Learning Project, Discussions with Donors, The Professional and Governance Learning Circles that have been aimed at trying to include more people at the table when it comes to bringing about catalytic change for the collective good.

The hosts

Jayati Gupta Tiasha Banerjee Nita Luthria Row Sudarshan Kasbe Bhavya Mittal

Sustainable development goals

GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal GOAL 4: Quality Education

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