Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


Amplify. Accelerate. Action.

Reimagining Social Entrepreneurship in the Islamic World

Core to our humanity is problem solving and critical thinking. That is how we evolved and survived. This means that each human being is essentially a social entrepreneur, identifying challenges and developing solutions. Civilizations and cultures throughout history...

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Catalyst 2030 Informative / Networking Session in Tunisia

Catalyst 2030 members in Tunisia are happy to host their first informative / networking session for social entrepreneurs in the region. The aim is to introduce the C2030 movement, in addition to creating space for our invitees to get to know each other and discuss the...

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Gamification as an Educational Stimulator for System Change

Gamification in education can improve motivation and engagement. Games for sustainability, which drive change globally, from the beginning of our lives, human beings discover the world through play and games, activities that favor brain development and do not...

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Innovative Model for System Change Philanthropy

Systems change to achieve the SDGs requires a change in funding models. We showcase an innovative model of systems change strategy for funding as a collaboration between funders, UN agencies and local social entrepreneurs.

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Jordan Ecosystem Gaps and Solutions

This session is about identifying gaps in the SE ecosystem in Jordan and proposing solutions while working with stakeholders from government, private sector, civic society and academia.

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Social Justice Index

A panel discussion with stakeholders on the creation of a social justice index to support and advocate social justice within regions where populations are under a form of colonization and apartheid and injustice. Speakers' Bios: 1. Rana Dajani: Professor of molecular...

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Fireside chat with Richard Edelman

Through his work as the CEO of global communications firm, Edelman, Richard Edelman has advocated on the importance of social leadership and responsibility as key values in today’s corporate world. As the creator of the annual Edelman Trust Barometer, widely...

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Inauguration Ceremony

This is the official inauguration ceremony for opening the Catalysing Change Week 2022. Please join us in this celebratory ceremony with our members where we will be launching the two year Catalysing Change 2022 report.

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Accelerating Social Economy

Following the 2022 Pact for Impact event in Paris, which convened Ministries and leading social enterprises to adopt the Coalition Manifesto and Charter commitment toward a Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), we are inviting you to recognise the collaborative impact...

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