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Gamification as an Educational Stimulator for System Change

Gamification in education can improve motivation and engagement. Games for sustainability, which drive change globally, from the beginning of our lives, human beings discover the world through play and games, activities that favor brain development and do not...

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Community Based Management of Malnutrition

Women and child health issues among tribal communities (Baiga and Gond Community). Causes of malnutrition among these community. Present health and nutrition services and gap. What is CBMM (Community -based management of malnutrition) Challenges and sccess of initiative

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Technology enabling conscious consumption

Bring in stakeholders in government and senior corporates in India who work with crafts and villages to stimulate economic growth. Dialogue could involve participation of Reliance Retail, Fabindia, government advisors, master craftsmen from India, Indonesia, Italy and...

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Energy Sovereignty

An example of a collaborative ecosystem with different organisations coming together representing Government (+200 municipalities Spain & Portugal), Social entrepreneurs, Consulting and Innovators co-creating a shared circular self managed energy-based economy. A...

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Financial Ecosystem for a self-reliant community

How sharing economy can lead to sustainable communities. Financing models for triggering sharing economy and setting off a chain reaction. Drishtee is working in the field of livelihoods and Financial Inclusion. However, we realise that the existing ecosystem does not...

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