Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


Amplify. Accelerate. Action.

Reimagining Social Entrepreneurship in the Islamic World

Core to our humanity is problem solving and critical thinking. That is how we evolved and survived. This means that each human being is essentially a social entrepreneur, identifying challenges and developing solutions. Civilizations and cultures throughout history...

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Community Based Management of Malnutrition

Women and child health issues among tribal communities (Baiga and Gond Community). Causes of malnutrition among these community. Present health and nutrition services and gap. What is CBMM (Community -based management of malnutrition) Challenges and sccess of initiative

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Roadmap to Fighting Hunger

The aim of the session is to recognize the serious and often unknown consequences of hunger, and to develop concrete actionable plans to formalize a roadmap to fighting hunger. Hunger is not just about ‘feeling hungry’. It is also about lowered immunity and recurrent...

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Healing Systems

What do we learn when we integrate the perspectives of trauma and systems change? Though the origins may vary widely, trauma is a universal part of the human experience. If systems are made up of people and if people experience trauma, then by extension the systems...

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Starting with Self-care: PARENT mental health matter!

PARENT’s Background PARENT stands to build Positive Affective Resolutions for Effective Nurturing Trust. The PARENT Module focuses on the bi-directional Cognitive-Behaviour strategies in Parent-Child interaction and communication. This module addresses parental...

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Saúde+: atuação sistêmica para o desenvolvimento de OCS’s

Neste bate papo, o Instituto Sabin e a Phomenta (um instituto empresarial e um negócio de impacto) compartilharão a trajetória de evolução e de impacto do Programa Saúde+ que fortalece organizações da sociedade civil de 12 estados (+ DF) no Brasil, além de olhar para...

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Free Your Mind – Take a Break

As committed change makers, we seldom take time to breathe and center ourselves. This session is a nurturing moment in time for YOU! Let us take a breath …

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