Catalyst 2030's
Catalysing Change Week 2024
Building the Social Innovation Sector
6 - 10 May 2024

The Global WE: Mobilisation around our shared humanity

Amidst increasing geo-political conflicts, a rise in religious fanatism, widening wealth gaps, and the realities of entrenched racism, we are subject to an underlying crisis that threatens social justice – fractured relationships and indifference to suffering. We may...

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Vključevanje v cilje trajnostnega razvoja 2030

Lanska rast BDP v evrskem obmocju in EU je po tretji oceni 5,3-odstotna, je objavil Eurostat. Lanska 5,3-odstotna gospodarska rast v evrskem obmocju in celotni uniji sledi 6,4-odstotnemu koronskemu padcu v 2020 v obmocju skupne valute in 5,9-odstotnemu zmanjsanju v...

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Earned Value vs. Earned Income

Gain new insights on the means and methods for unlocking the economic value of effective social innovation and leveraging that value to reduce the dependency on grants and donations and produce a more sustainable social benefit organisation.

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Data Management -101: Structured Approach

The main objective of the session is to focus on giving a guide to organizations specifically not for profits, corporates, HNI institutions working in the development sector to decide on how to start on their data management journey. This includes: 1) Establishing...

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Funding the First Mile

Catalyst 2030 and the Sankalp Forum are collaborating on tackling the financial and non-financial needs when it comes to financing first mile interventions. From grants to debt and equity the approaches can be varied. Come to this session to hear from those funding...

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