Catalyst 2030's
Catalysing Change Week

Catalyst 2030 Informative / Networking Session in Tunisia

Catalyst 2030 members in Tunisia are happy to host their first informative / networking session for social entrepreneurs in the region. The aim is to introduce the C2030 movement, in addition to creating space for our invitees to get to know each other and discuss the...

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Shifting the Narrative for the Social Sector

What kind of narrative shifts would we like to work towards? 1. From a perceived lack of trust to a sector which represents transparency, trustworthiness, effectiveness, innovation and meaningful change, irrespective of ideological differences. 2. From a sector which...

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Empathy Project

Responsible Ecosystem" is a term used by SociopreneurID to describe a future society where everyone will take a role to improve their surroundings. People in this society will be responsible not only to themselves but also to other people and, the Planet. However, the...

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e-CO3, COnscious COllaborative COLearning ecosystem

CO-creating COllaborative eCOsystems by raising awareness and increasing consciousness to transform knowledge and experience into wisdom as the next step in the process of connecting with the emerging future where a sustainable way of living is a natural outcome. A...

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Building Back Better means Circular

The Building Back Better Means Circular aims to promote the understanding of the circular economy as a means for social businesses to have a sustainable and resilient recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and acceleration towards the path to attaining SDGs. During the...

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