Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


Amplify. Accelerate. Action.

Innovative Model for System Change Philanthropy

Systems change to achieve the SDGs requires a change in funding models. We showcase an innovative model of systems change strategy for funding as a collaboration between funders, UN agencies and local social entrepreneurs.

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Fireside chat with Richard Edelman

Through his work as the CEO of global communications firm, Edelman, Richard Edelman has advocated on the importance of social leadership and responsibility as key values in today’s corporate world. As the creator of the annual Edelman Trust Barometer, widely...

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Becoming Net Positive: in conversation with Paul Polman

It is undeniable that the transition to a net positive, carbon-neutral society is a tough challenge for all of us and requires much of the current inter-sectoral collaboration and maximised efforts to be achieved. Following the COP26 in Glasgow, we call on Ministers...

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Who is responsible for quality education in India?

Civil society and governments can do so much. When talking about change in a country as large as India in terms of population, need and diversity, we need all hands on deck. This session focuses on identifying stakeholders that are beyond governments, schools,...

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Artisan Digi-preneurship – The New Formal?

The event will propose an emerging model that Creative Dignity ( CD ) is developing with Digital Empowerment Foundation ( DEF ) to nurture artisan youth at the cluster level in building digital services that link self-organised artisan units to a digital community of...

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Older or Elder?

Key topics: Eldership and what it means. You are invited to a conversation with the co-founders of the Elders Council for Social Entrepreneurs. They look back over the last two years of deep conversations with Elders from around the world to share what they have...

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Energy Sovereignty

An example of a collaborative ecosystem with different organisations coming together representing Government (+200 municipalities Spain & Portugal), Social entrepreneurs, Consulting and Innovators co-creating a shared circular self managed energy-based economy. A...

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Redefining Education

A Fireside Chat on how strategic cross-sector collaborations can shift education. How can different stakeholders work together, what are the principles needed for redefining education and how can collaboration make this a reality?

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