Catalyst 2030's
Catalysing Change Week 2024
Building the Social Innovation Sector
6 - 10 May 2024

Sri Lanka Bee Honey – From a forest full of a medicine

Walking into a Sri Lankan forest is like walking into a medicine cabinet. so said a farmer. And this is true because 1. There is immense bio diversity in such a small space 2. So much of our plant life has medicinal benefits, which supported the indigenous 'Hela...

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Systems Change in Action: Decolonising Aid & Philanthropy

The Chandler Foundation and Adeso's session at Catalysing Change Week will explore the theme of Action. We welcome all ideas, feedback, and partnership. Systems Change in Action: Decolonising Aid & Philanthropy Severe disparities exist in the funding structures that...

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Boundaries in Networks

How can network boundaries be porous while maintaining purpose and identity? Networks are everywhere we look. Increasingly we find ourselves engaged in many, at the local and global levels. Though these can have overlapping interests and purposes – and sometimes even...

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Localise your food systems!

1) What are different initiatives addressing the opportunities and risks in the process of localising food systems? 2) How can we better support each other?

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