Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


Amplify. Accelerate. Action.

Becoming Net Positive: in conversation with Paul Polman

It is undeniable that the transition to a net positive, carbon-neutral society is a tough challenge for all of us and requires much of the current inter-sectoral collaboration and maximised efforts to be achieved. Following the COP26 in Glasgow, we call on Ministers...

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Climate Actions and Solutions

Ahead of COP27 in Egypt, we call on Ministers of Environment to be part of the process of co-creating and committing to a South-South Alliance for Equitable Green Development together with social entrepreneurs. We welcome your thoughts on how best we can address the...

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Gastronomia social em prática

A gastronomia social utiliza o poder dos alimentos como ferramenta de mudança social, abrangendo todos os níveis do ciclo alimentar, desde o plantio e colheita até a redução do desperdício de alimentos. Por meio da gastronomia social, os alimentos são usados ??para...

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Energy Sovereignty

An example of a collaborative ecosystem with different organisations coming together representing Government (+200 municipalities Spain & Portugal), Social entrepreneurs, Consulting and Innovators co-creating a shared circular self managed energy-based economy. A...

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Shoe Waste & The Future Of Footwear

Roundtable discussion with industry experts about the future of footwear and fashion waste management. Starting with a virtual presentation including slides of current fashion footwear trends, discovering sustainable efforts, recognising problems in the manufacture of...

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Catalysing for a better community

1. Mental health talk 2. Climate change action 3. Funding opportunities 4. Fight against GBV and discrimination 5. Training of the survivors in entrepreneurship skills. 6. Access to clean WASH

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Sri Lanka Bee Honey – From a forest full of a medicine

Walking into a Sri Lankan forest is like walking into a medicine cabinet. so said a farmer. And this is true because 1. There is immense bio diversity in such a small space 2. So much of our plant life has medicinal benefits, which supported the indigenous 'Hela...

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