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Catalysing Change Week

Data Management -101: Structured Approach

The main objective of the session is to focus on giving a guide to organizations specifically not for profits, corporates, HNI institutions working in the development sector to decide on how to start on their data management journey. This includes: 1) Establishing...

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Earned Value vs. Earned Income

Gain new insights on the means and methods for unlocking the economic value of effective social innovation and leveraging that value to reduce the dependency on grants and donations and produce a more sustainable social benefit organisation.

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e-CO3, COnscious COllaborative COLearning ecosystem

CO-creating COllaborative eCOsystems by raising awareness and increasing consciousness to transform knowledge and experience into wisdom as the next step in the process of connecting with the emerging future where a sustainable way of living is a natural outcome. A...

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Shoe Waste & The Future Of Footwear

Roundtable discussion with industry experts about the future of footwear and fashion waste management. Starting with a virtual presentation including slides of current fashion footwear trends, discovering sustainable efforts, recognising problems in the manufacture of...

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Leveraging Exponential Change Through Broad-Impact Philanthropy

A lot has been said about Big-Bet Philanthropy. But what about Broad Bet-Philanthropy? What about attaining a broader impact across multiple thematic and geographic verticals? For example, we can help one or two nonprofits or social-good organisations. But what about...

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Innovations for Economic Paradigm Shift

Socialism-capitalism-communism are 19th century approaches to economies. Social entrepreneurs are producing an eruption of new approaches to economies, with labels such as regenerative-, circular-, doughnut-, buen vivir, and well being. They are ushering in a huge...

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