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Cambio Climática y Salud Pública | Puerto Rico y la Agenda 2030

Sesión educativa sobre los diversos impactos climáticos que ocurren en Puerto Rico y cómo afectan la salud pública. Se brindarán recomendaciones sobre cómo mitigar, prevenir y responder al cambio climático en el contexto caribeño. Se vislumbra que el profesor de Salud...

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Ubuntu Leadership – Africa’s Gift to the SDG’s

A dialogue with Prof John Volmink on the powerful philosophy and practice of Ubuntu Leadership, the spaces where it is manifesting, and its relevance to our current world circumstances. How the practice of Ubuntu Leadership is an embodiment of civic consciousness, and...

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Impact Happy Ideas for The Great Reset

As we enter a unique phase in the timeline of evolution of our species, join Impact Action Group lead Gautam Malik and an expert panel of speakers in a discussion on how their work creates positive impact by addressing SDGs on gender equality, responsible consumption...

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Water, A Rising Tide on the Global Agenda

Water, A Rising Tide on the Global Agenda: For many people, the global water crisis presents itself as both an economic and humanitarian crisis—an unmitigated risk to global supply chains, profits, and the well-being of communities and populations around the world.

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Food Security as a byproduct of environmental stewardship

The medium-term development goal of the project is to enhance the ability of communities to increase and sustain agricultural production for improved household food security, nutrition and income generation while at the same time safeguarding the environment by...

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