Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


Amplify. Accelerate. Action.

Reimagining Social Entrepreneurship in the Islamic World

Core to our humanity is problem solving and critical thinking. That is how we evolved and survived. This means that each human being is essentially a social entrepreneur, identifying challenges and developing solutions. Civilizations and cultures throughout history...

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Jordan Ecosystem Gaps and Solutions

This session is about identifying gaps in the SE ecosystem in Jordan and proposing solutions while working with stakeholders from government, private sector, civic society and academia.

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Social Justice Index

A panel discussion with stakeholders on the creation of a social justice index to support and advocate social justice within regions where populations are under a form of colonization and apartheid and injustice. Speakers' Bios: 1. Rana Dajani: Professor of molecular...

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Accelerating Social Economy

Following the 2022 Pact for Impact event in Paris, which convened Ministries and leading social enterprises to adopt the Coalition Manifesto and Charter commitment toward a Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), we are inviting you to recognise the collaborative impact...

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Pave the Way for Youth

The youth of our world has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. From lost education, work experience, and social development- young people have disproportionately been affected. At this year’s Y20 in Indonesia, one of the subthemes is on youth social...

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Universal Data Ownership

The current discourse about data, which is being mass accumulated, aggregated and processed around the world, inevitably raises the question of what is the extent to which all this powerful information transcends the core principle of human rights, thus further...

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Technology enabling conscious consumption

Bring in stakeholders in government and senior corporates in India who work with crafts and villages to stimulate economic growth. Dialogue could involve participation of Reliance Retail, Fabindia, government advisors, master craftsmen from India, Indonesia, Italy and...

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Role of Religion to Women Empowerment

We are considering a possible PowerPoint presentation of the scope of religion in relation to human behaviour, the impact and the possible benefits to realizing SDGs faster and in a lasting manner by engaging the tool of religion effectively. We intend to share years...

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