Catalyst 2030's
Catalysing Change Week 2024
Building the Social Innovation Sector
6 - 10 May 2024

Inauguration Ceremony

This is the official inauguration ceremony for opening the Catalysing Change Week 2022. Please join us in this celebratory ceremony with our members where we will be launching the two year Catalysing Change 2022 report.

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Closing Ceremony

This is the official closing ceremony of the Catalysing Change Week 2022. Please join us in this celebratory ceremony with our members!

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Shifting the Global Narrative

The Social Sector is a partner in achievening the SGD’s. They provide last mile delivery of essential services in the most difficult circumstances, in developing and developed countries. In times of war and natural disaster, it is these individuals and organisations,...

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Climate Actions and Solutions

Ahead of COP27 in Egypt, we call on Ministers of Environment to be part of the process of co-creating and committing to a South-South Alliance for Equitable Green Development together with social entrepreneurs. We welcome your thoughts on how best we can address the...

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Roadmap to Fighting Hunger

The aim of the session is to recognize the serious and often unknown consequences of hunger, and to develop concrete actionable plans to formalize a roadmap to fighting hunger. Hunger is not just about ‘feeling hungry’. It is also about lowered immunity and recurrent...

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Systemic Innovation and Climate Action

The workshop will present the concepts and connections of systemic innovation and climate action along with strategic thinking to build resilience systems with case studies, initiatives and solutions that will be present with us on the panel. The panel will also have...

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