Catalyst 2030's
Catalysing Change Week 2024
Building the Social Innovation Sector
6 - 10 May 2024

Catalysing for a better community

1. Mental health talk 2. Climate change action 3. Funding opportunities 4. Fight against GBV and discrimination 5. Training of the survivors in entrepreneurship skills. 6. Access to clean WASH

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Sri Lanka Bee Honey – From a forest full of a medicine

Walking into a Sri Lankan forest is like walking into a medicine cabinet. so said a farmer. And this is true because 1. There is immense bio diversity in such a small space 2. So much of our plant life has medicinal benefits, which supported the indigenous 'Hela...

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Cambio Climática y Salud Pública | Puerto Rico y la Agenda 2030

Sesión educativa sobre los diversos impactos climáticos que ocurren en Puerto Rico y cómo afectan la salud pública. Se brindarán recomendaciones sobre cómo mitigar, prevenir y responder al cambio climático en el contexto caribeño. Se vislumbra que el profesor de Salud...

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Engaging private sector towards addressing malnutrition

Increasingly, the dialogue on the multi-dimensional issues around malnutrition have started recognizing the need for cross-sectoral approaches- including the role of the private sector. There has been an increase in the involvement of the private sector in improving...

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