Catalyst 2030's
Catalysing Change Week 2024
Building the Social Innovation Sector
6 - 10 May 2024

Sri Lanka Bee Honey – From a forest full of a medicine

Walking into a Sri Lankan forest is like walking into a medicine cabinet. so said a farmer. And this is true because 1. There is immense bio diversity in such a small space 2. So much of our plant life has medicinal benefits, which supported the indigenous 'Hela...

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Entrepreneurship in Rural India for Rural India

"Goonj has been working towards sustainable economic models for eliminating poverty and related issues in India. Vikalp Sutra is an initiative of Vikalp Sangam that was formulated after the 1st wave of the COVID 19 pandemic to work on the challenges faced by migrant...

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Eco-Eco Regenerative Pilot Village

We will use systems thinking tools (mapping, leverage points, co-creation) to highlight the influential factors at play, then to identify relevant leverage points and to innovate implementable solutions. The participants in the workshop will be from the Meraki People...

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Session with Change Agent to Achieve SDG 2030

Gen Z and Millennial are the biggest resources to achieve the SDGs in 2030. The hybrid event will be jointly organized by Dev UK foundation (a charity arm of DESCATUK) in association with Alsisar Impact, IIT Mandi catalyst, Ewok ( society for enabling women of the...

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Unlocking value of rural eco systems

Rural eco systems have huge human potential locked in, this can be enriched and empowered to create great value. Identifying what is valuable in the rural offerings. How can this value be unlocked? How to bring together the right ingredients to build the perfect recipe.

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