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Catalysing Change Week

Community Based Management of Malnutrition

Women and child health issues among tribal communities (Baiga and Gond Community). Causes of malnutrition among these community. Present health and nutrition services and gap. What is CBMM (Community -based management of malnutrition) Challenges and sccess of initiative

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Role of Religion to Women Empowerment

We are considering a possible PowerPoint presentation of the scope of religion in relation to human behaviour, the impact and the possible benefits to realizing SDGs faster and in a lasting manner by engaging the tool of religion effectively. We intend to share years...

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Can women thrive if men don’t change?

Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF) will take a very interesting approach to dissecting the perils of patriarchy. The event will be a panel discussion on why should men give up power and change. The interesting bit will be that the spotlight will be squarely on...

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Loving Me More by The Power of the Heels

Leadership in women begins with the empowerment of adolescent girls. The empowerment of women is directly linked to the independence and success of each one. The access to resources will allow for the growth in her practice of political, social and economic...

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Involving Boys and Men in Initiatives towards Gender Justice

Enabled by a Collaborative grant from Ashoka's Changemakers initiative, three female Ashoka fellows collaborated to create digital tools to showcase why a gender-just world means freedom for everyone, boys and men included. This session will share the lessons learnt...

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