Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


Amplify. Accelerate. Action.

Innovative Model for System Change Philanthropy

Systems change to achieve the SDGs requires a change in funding models. We showcase an innovative model of systems change strategy for funding as a collaboration between funders, UN agencies and local social entrepreneurs.

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Earned Value vs. Earned Income

Gain new insights on the means and methods for unlocking the economic value of effective social innovation and leveraging that value to reduce the dependency on grants and donations and produce a more sustainable social benefit organisation.

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Funding the First Mile

Catalyst 2030 and the Sankalp Forum are collaborating on tackling the financial and non-financial needs when it comes to financing first mile interventions. From grants to debt and equity the approaches can be varied. Come to this session to hear from those funding...

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Catalysing for a better community

1. Mental health talk 2. Climate change action 3. Funding opportunities 4. Fight against GBV and discrimination 5. Training of the survivors in entrepreneurship skills. 6. Access to clean WASH

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Catalysing Funders

How can we create a philanthropic funding system that catalyses systemic change? This session will spotlight and launch two Catalyst 2030 initiatives that are shifting the needle towards a new funding paradigm. These are the NGO Call-to-Action Open Letter and the...

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Equipping funders in systems change

Equip you and your team in systems change capacity to effect lasting change! In 2021, the School of System Change set out to build an online learning environment for change funders from philanthropy, impact investors and the public sector to build systems change...

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Systems Change in Action: Decolonising Aid & Philanthropy

The Chandler Foundation and Adeso's session at Catalysing Change Week will explore the theme of Action. We welcome all ideas, feedback, and partnership. Systems Change in Action: Decolonising Aid & Philanthropy Severe disparities exist in the funding structures that...

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