Catalyst 2030's
Catalysing Change Week

Universal Data Ownership

The current discourse about data, which is being mass accumulated, aggregated and processed around the world, inevitably raises the question of what is the extent to which all this powerful information transcends the core principle of human rights, thus further...

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Technology enabling conscious consumption

Bring in stakeholders in government and senior corporates in India who work with crafts and villages to stimulate economic growth. Dialogue could involve participation of Reliance Retail, Fabindia, government advisors, master craftsmen from India, Indonesia, Italy and...

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Data Management -101: Structured Approach

The main objective of the session is to focus on giving a guide to organizations specifically not for profits, corporates, HNI institutions working in the development sector to decide on how to start on their data management journey. This includes: 1) Establishing...

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Systemic Innovation and Climate Action

The workshop will present the concepts and connections of systemic innovation and climate action along with strategic thinking to build resilience systems with case studies, initiatives and solutions that will be present with us on the panel. The panel will also have...

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Artisan Digi-preneurship – The New Formal?

The event will propose an emerging model that Creative Dignity ( CD ) is developing with Digital Empowerment Foundation ( DEF ) to nurture artisan youth at the cluster level in building digital services that link self-organised artisan units to a digital community of...

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Alimentemos la integración

El modelo de integración de la Fundación Comparte por una vida Colombia, “Quédate en la Escuela”, tiene como propósito contribuir a la estabilización de los flujos migratorios mixtos y comunidades de acogida a través de un modelo integral con enfoque derechos,...

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