Catalysing Change Week | 1–5 May 2023

Solutions from the Frontlines

Social Stock Exchange

12 May 2022 | 14:00 - 15:00 CEST
Panel Discussion

The Social Stock Exchange is being launched to aggregate capital from the increasing number of individuals and institutions who want to invest in societal good; and distribute it to qualifying social enterprises who have a long-term view on their impact. In the first quarter of 2023, we plan to launch in Edinburgh, and accept listing applications from around the world. The SSX theory of change is to enable, at scale and across society, the funding of business for purposeful positive impact, consistent and supporting the UN SDGs, with a lower cost of capital and fewer barriers to accessing finance. We invite all interested parties – potential issuers, their intermediaries and advisors, and investors – to engage with the panel discussion and presentation which will be led by Tomas Carruthers, CEO of SSX.

The hosts

Tomas Carruthers Steve Waddell

Sustainable development goals

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