Catalysing Change Week | 1–5 May 2023

Solutions from the Frontlines

Networks & Systems Change

12 May 2022 | 15:00 - 16:00 CEST
Panel Discussion

Why does systems change require networks? Networks can be powerful mechanisms to both protect and disrupt the status quo. Often, networks are formed to keep the system in their current state, controling resources, maintaining privilege and favouritism. Yet networks that share common values and purposes can also counter such systems through bringing in and amplifying diverse perspectives, building more equitable power structures, and fostering new narratives that can spread across the global.

The hosts

June Holley Liz Weaver Linda Peia Vishal Talreja Manel Heredero Russ Gaskin Somava Saha

Sustainable development goals

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

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