Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


Amplify. Accelerate. Action.

Preparing for a session/event

There are six key factors to consider when preparing to host a session or event. These are listed below:

1. Co-create your session/event

How do you co-create your session/event?
You are encouraged to co-create a session/event with other Catalyst 2030 members.

3 important considerations for session/event designers are:

  1. Which of the CCW2022 objectives is the session/event most related to? Are you seeking primarily to intensify, learn, discover, empower or build?
  2. What specific objectives do you have for your session/event?
    What contributions will your session/event make to CCW2022 and to Catalyst 2030 more broadly?
  3. Is the session/event aligned with the CCW2022 Theme “Let’s Re-Energise the SDGs”? Which of the three catalysers best describes the type of session/event you envision?
    • Amplify sessions/events showcase Systems Catalysts’ work, amplify their voices and frontline experiences
    • Accelerate sessions/events create a space to connect Systems Catalysts across sectors – from innovators to policy makers – to bring about catalytic change
    • Action sessions/events advance progress through committed global action

Keep the following in mind:

  • What are your key objectives and outcomes?
  • What is your follow-up call to action?
  • What will the outcomes of your session/event look like in one year?
  • Who are your partners and your main audience?
  • When do you want to host your session/event?
  • How would you like to draw attention to your session/event?
  • How do you wish to conduct your session/event? It is up to you to decide how to structure your session/event and to define what you want participants to gain. The Catalyst 2030 Secretariat will be delighted to assist in brainstorming the best ways to bring different sessions/events to life. Everyone is encouraged to think creatively and inclusively.

Here are some starter ideas for co-creating your session/event:

  • Use a film screening to spark dialogue and debate and to encourage action as to how the SDGs can be re-energised.
  • Host a workshop to come up with some big thinking and collaborative problem-solving, alongside our global community of innovators.
  • Be sure unheard voices are at the forefront in panels, discussions and fireside chats.
  • Go beyond “showcasing”. Create opportunities for people to collaborate with you to maximise your impact. Ensure there is an explicit call to action and solicit a commitment to collaborate.
  • Test your research findings to co-create meaningful recommendations.

2. Submit your session/event

How do you submit your session/event?
Fill out the CCW Submission Form 2022 here.

Select date and time for your session/event

  • We suggest planning sessions that are no longer than one hour.
  • Feel welcome to host online, in person or hybrid event(s) during CCW2022. Your event programme may vary from a few hours to a multiple-day event. The length of the programme is entirely up to you.
  • Sessions and online events will be held on Zoom.
  • Multilingual sessions/events are welcome. If you wish to host a multilingual session, please get in contact with the Catalyst 2030 Secretariat for support and coordination.

3. Prepare your session/event

What is the process after you have submitted your session/event?

  • After you have submitted your proposal, the Secretariat will review it and will email you with any additional questions and suggestions.
  • The Secretariat will confirm your session/event via email.
  • Create a Zoom link for your session and share it with your contact person in the Secretariat.
  • If you need support with Zoom, the Secretariat can share details to a Zoom account that you can use to create your own invite link/Zoom link to your session.
  • When scheduling your meeting on Zoom keep in mind the following:
    • In the ‘security’ section be sure to activate waiting room rather than passcode
    • Be sure not to add registration on Zoom
    • Check the settings to include what is needed for your session
    • Do not change the password for this Zoom account
  • Share the ‘invite link’/Zoom link to your session with the Secretariat as soon as possible, so we can include it in the CCW2022 calendar on the website.
  • You are responsible for briefing speakers, moderators and/or panellists before your session/event takes place. We suggest that you schedule a pre-meeting to discuss session/event matters with them.
  • Ensure that you set up and test all interactive functions that you need for your online session/event. For example, chat, polls, breakout rooms, tools, translation options and anything else that you wish to include in the session/event.

Please note: Sessions with multiple participants that are co-created by different Catalyst 2030 members tend to be accepted over individual sessions. If other participants are focusing on similar topics, we will link you to them as an opportunity for collaboration.
All sessions will be confirmed during the week of 5-8 April.

4. Publicise and promote your session/event

How to promote your session/event?

Please note: The Secretariat will only be promoting the CCW2022, and not individual sessions. Session/event hosts are responsible for promoting their own sessions/events. You are therefore responsible for the local, national and international media promotion of your session/event as the Secretariat will only promote Catalysing Change Week.

Depending on your session/event, you are welcome to invite key stakeholders and networks, existing and potential donors, your teams, friends and family. Be sure to ask them to spread the word about your sessions/events and CCW2022.

Promote your session/event on the appropriate media channels to attract the right audience.

  • Social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other channels. Use the official CCW2022 hashtags: #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 #CCW2022 #LetsReenergisetheSDGs and tag @Catalyst2030 on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and @Catalyst_2030 on Twitter and Instagram, so we can repost and share your content.
  • Your own and partner newsletters.
  • Your website and online blog posts.
  • Press and media. Send out a press release and invite journalists to conduct interviews.
  • Prepare a short promotional video teaser. The video should end with C2030 branding and include the following points: (1) An introduction of yourself and your organisation (2) The topic of your session/event (3) Which theme(s) your session/event will respond to: Connect. Celebrate. Accelerate. (4) An explanation of how you are working collaboratively to accelerate change. Please share the video with the Secretariat to distribute via our social media channels.
  • Download different image templates (tiles) and other visuals that we have prepared here. Please feel welcome to customise these to promote your session.

Please see ‘Communications for CCW2022’ section at the end of the CCW2022 Handbook for more tips and suggestions for social media, press and media and more and also the CCW2022 Resources overview.



5. During CCW2022

What happens during Catalysing Change Week?

  • Be sure to prepare well and run a test before hosting your session/event.
  • You are responsible for planning, structuring and curating your session. If agreed, the Secretariat will provide technical support with the online and hybrid sessions/events.
  • Session/event hosts need to record their session/event. The Secretariat can upload recordings of sessions/events to Catalyst 2030 YouTube if participants’ express consent has been granted.
  • Take fun photos, including screenshots and videos, and share them with others on social media and in newsletters.
  • Publicity on social media and other platforms will be ongoing throughout the week. We urge participants to also share posts about their sessions/events to their own network(s). Use the official CCW2022 hashtags: #CatalysingChangeWeek2022 #CCW2022 #LetsReenergisetheSDGs and tag @Catalyst2030 on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and @Catalyst_2030 on Twitter and Instagram, so we can repost and share your content.

Beyond CCW2022

What happens beyond your session/events and the week?

  • Catalysing Change Week is one step along the path to the change we want to see in the world. Our advocacy work will continue beyond the week, when liaising with governments and multilateral entities, such as the G7 and G20.
  • You can continue your collaborative journey with our membership.
  • There will be a follow-up call to action emerging from our interaction during CCW2022.

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