Catalysing Change Week | 9-13 May 2022


Amplify. Accelerate. Action.

Catalyst 2030 Secretariat support

How does the Catalyst 2030 Secretariat support you with your session/event?

The Secretariat will support your CCW2022 session/event in the following ways:

  • Sharing CCW updates and news.
  • Exploring ideas for your sessions/events and offering advice for the topics, programme, and structure.
  • Developing resources that can support you as you plan for CCW2022:
    • CCW website here
    • CCW2022 Submission Form here that you can use to propose and submit your session/event.
    • CCW2022 Handbook and other resources here including helpful information about CCW2022, and more.
    • CCW2022 prep sessions about Zoom and communications.
  • If agreed, the Secretariat will support you during the session.
  • After CCW2022, you may schedule a call with the Secretariat to devise a pathway to action the session outcomes.

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